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The Catchskating Rules

This game is intended for no less than 3 people. It takes place on the flat court with the surface suitable for
skating, rollerblading and such. The boundaries of the court should be decided upon; usually they are taken
to be rectangular.

To play, people split into two groups - chasers a.k.a "koldunchiks" (which stands for "wizards" in
Russian), and "dodgers", who try to evade being captured. Koldunchiks should constitute no more than a
third of all players, though the precise count usually depends on the players' skills and public agreement.

For the sake of ease of identification, koldunchiks may be marked, usually with a bright T-shirt or an arm
band. The goal of koldunchiks - tag all those escaping. The goal of running away - stay uncaptured for as
long as possible. The length of a round is usually taken to be 10 minutes. Koldunchik should tag a dodger
in order to capture. The former must return to the spot where he was tagged, extend arms sideways to
inform others of his "captured" status and wait to be released. To be released, he must be tagged again by
one of the yet uncaptured fellow dodgers.

Note: Tagged cannot release others on their way back to the capture spot.

Neither koldunchiks nor free dodgers are allowed to raise arms pretending they are captives awaiting
release. Koldunchiks are allowed to stand by those already caught and guard them from attempts to be
saved. However, they are not allowed to constantly hold on to them physically.
If one of the escaping players leaves the marked territory, then he is considered caught. He must return
to the crossed boundary and stay there with his arms extended waiting to be saved.

The game is over once koldunchiks capture everybody else, run out of time or give up.

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Have fun!